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GOFLO Hooper Chin-Up

Main Muscle:Legs

The GoFlo Hooper Chin-Up is a foundational strength movement. GOFLO Trainer is used to help people who can’t do chin-ups at all,it makes the movement very fun by adding a one leg jump to it,  and as assistance to allow higher volume training for people who can already perform unassisted Chin-ups.

GOFLO Alternating Pistol Squat with Row

Main Muscle:Legs

The GoFlo Single-Leg Squat  is a foundational strength movement. 

GOFLO Trainer makes the movement very fun by adding a one leg jump to it.

This Exercise is unique to GOFLO Trainer.

GOFLO Abdominal Leg Push Downs

Main Muscle: Abdominals/Lower Back

GOFLO Abdominal Leg Push Downs Exercise build us your core muscle, and it's also great if yout want to strengthen your lower back muscles, and leg muscles. The GOFLO Trainer help support your spine, and can also help in relieving back pain (depending on the cause and intensity of your pain).

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