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Want to Become GOFLO Master trainer and be able to certify others?

Join today to our Master Trainers Program !


             TARGET GROUP           

Group fitness trainers, personal and fitness trainers with experiences or ambitions in teaching trainers who are EAGER to become GOFLO® Master Trainers & Distributors and   wants to start making money through GOFLO®.



 2 Day Course: 8 Hours a day



  • The GOFLO Trainer® is a suspension trainer with a twist.

  • When the customer attends a training course they learn all of the science, safety and capabilities of the product thereby enhancing their user experience.

  • This training course will be taught by Master Trainers.

  • A GOFLO® Master Trainer is a fitness professional who has, themselves attended the training, and has worked with the tool to such an extent that they are able to educate other fitness pros.

  • A GOFLO® Master Trainer can lead courses that they set up or that are set up by GOFLO® directly.




Certified GOFLO® Trainer Instructor.

            LOCATIONS - DATES


SAN DIEGO - March 24-25






Speed Skaters
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