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GoFlo Set Includes:
  • Exercises Manual & Videos -with over 100 different exercises and effective workouts routines.


  • Door anchor attachment


  • Additional Outdoor anchor strap – which allows you to wrap it around any object such as a sturdy tree, a park bench, park ,gym bar,etc.


  • Band Base - with ability to change the band length.



  • Handles - 2 Hand Grips from silicone material which is very comfortable to hold.


  • Resistance Springs - 4 green resistance strings ,2 from each side of the band (for people who weights over 100kg, it's recommended, to add additional strings, in order to have better ressistance)


  • Body Strapes - 2 black body straps, that connects to feet and shoulders and very comfortable to use.


  • Backpack Bag -  for you to carry your GoFlo Trainer.

GOFLO Trainer Kit

Price: 399.00$

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