Dance Exercises

Basic GOFLO® Squat with tap

Essential Skills needed to perform exercise: Balance, coordination, strength

Recommended for : Boot-Camp, Pilates & Yoga, Over-weight Trainings

The GOFLO squat with a tap is an excellent way to introduce the most basic squat of the program.  Using your hands on the floor at the lowest position of the squat allows you to get comfortable with the squat before progressing to the more advanced squat. There are two important factors when preforming the squat. Keep your head neutral and always stay on your toes. If you find that you are not able to stay on the toes, readjust the position of your feet until you are able to comfortably squat to a 90 degree angle. The squat is the confidence builder to the explosive moves that come later in the program. The squat also builds strength in the glutes, calves, and quads.

GOFLO® Rocking Lunge Jumps

Essential Skills needed to perform exercise: Aerobic ,Balance ,Speed , Coordination , Explosive power

Recommended for :Skating ,Martial Art, Dance ,Ski ,Boot camp ,Soccer

Rocking lunges require a shift in body weight and momentum. It is one of the few exercises performed on the GOFLO® that allows you to shift your weight back onto your foot vs. staying on the toe. The harder you push off the front leg, the higher off the ground you are able to get which enables you to switch feet rapidly in the air and utilize the other leg for the next repetition

GOFLO® Jump Squat

Essential Skills needed to perform exercise: Cardio, Explosive Power

Recommended for : Basketball, Dance, Football, Tennis, Martial Art, Boot Camp and Soccer Trainings

GOFLO® Jump Squat  are an intense form of exercise aimed at enhancing overall athletic performance.Using explosive movements and powerful muscular contractions, GOFLO® plyometrics exercises involve an extensive array of leaping, jumping, hopping and bounding movements.With their low squats and intense jumps, plyometrics leap frog drills are an effective workout for the leg muscles.

GOFLO® Speed Skaters

Essential Skills needed to perform exercise: Cardio, Balance, Speed , Coordination , Explosive power, Agility

Recommended for : Basketball, Football,Dance, Tennis, Ski, Soccer, Skating

The GOFLO Speed Skater is one of the best endurance athletes of all types. It focuses on developing isolateral leg strength, balance and stability while adding a high intensity element with an increase in velocity.

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