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GOFLO Lower Back and Abs Stretching

Main Muscle:Lower Back/Abdominals

An abdominal stretch using the GOFLO Trainer that can be modified to bias for differnt aspects of the abdominal musculature.

GOFLO Hooper Chin-Up

Main Muscle:Legs

The GoFlo Hooper Chin-Up is a foundational strength movement. GOFLO Trainer is used to help people who can’t do chin-ups at all,it makes the movement very fun by adding a one leg jump to it,  and as assistance to allow higher volume training for people who can already perform unassisted Chin-ups.

GOFLO Seated Pistol Jumps

Main Muscle:Legs

GOFLO Pistol jumps are great for increasing explosive jumping power ,balance, and strength.You will also strengthen the muscles of your upper body, by pulling up your body.This is a great legs and lats training.

GOFLO Alternating Pistol Squat with Row

Main Muscle:Legs

The GoFlo Single-Leg Squat  is a foundational strength movement. 

GOFLO Trainer makes the movement very fun by adding a one leg jump to it.

This Exercise is unique to GOFLO Trainer.

GOFLO Reverse Lunge with Jump

Main Muscle:Legs

The GOFLO Reverse Lunge  is a single-leg strength exercise, suitable for all levels of training. This exercise targets the quads, hamstrings and glutes. The back lunge gets the gluteus maximus and hamstrings firing more compared to the regular lunge.


The advantage of the GOFLO trainer, is the strings that preferred for your arthritis because it's flexibile , and put less pressure on the joints.

GOFLO® Reverse Lunge Kicks

Essential Skills needed to perform exercise: Strength ,Balance, Coordination , Flexibility, Explosive power

Recommended for : Martial Art Trainings

GOFLO Reverse Lunge Kicks is an effective  lower-body exercise , In addition to working your butt, thighs and calves, this exercise helps increase your overall core strength and balance. The GOFLO Trainer enhance this exercise by adding an explusive power and the ability to pull yourself up and to work on your arms and shoulders.

GOFLO Rotational Reach for the Sky

Main Muscle: Abdominals

GOFLO Rotational Reach for the Sky develop rotational stability and strength and improve your range of motion throughout your body.

The advantage of using the GOFLO trainer in this exercise is that it's on air, which makes you use the most of your core muscles to keep on balance.


GOFLO Bouncing Side Raises

Main Muscle: Abdominals/Hips/Shoulders

The GOFLO Bouncing Side Raises is an incredibly effective and demanding exercise that requires complete core coordination and tremendous strength from the quadratus lumborum and obliques. You can regress the GOFLO Bouncing  Side Raises so that it can be used for de-conditioned clients.

The advantage of this exercise , and what makes it so effective - is the GOFLO Elastic feature ,which makes it a very demanding action that builds hip stability, glute strength and endurance.


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