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House in the Snow

GOFLO® Rocking Lunge Jumps

Essential Skills needed to perform exercise: Aerobic ,Balance ,Speed , Coordination , Explosive power

Recommended for :Skating ,Martial Art, Dance ,Ski ,Boot camp ,Soccer

Rocking lunges require a shift in body weight and momentum. It is one of the few exercises performed on the GOFLO® that allows you to shift your weight back onto your foot vs. staying on the toe. The harder you push off the front leg, the higher off the ground you are able to get which enables you to switch feet rapidly in the air and utilize the other leg for the next repetition

GOFLO® Lateral Jumps

Essential Skills needed to perform exercise: Cardio, Speed, Agility,Explosive Power

Recommended for : Basketball, Boot-Camp, Pilates, Skating, Ski

GOFLO® Lateral jumps are advanced exercises that can be used to develop power and agility. While most people focus on forward motion, it's important to include exercises that generate power and stability by incorporating  lateral motion exercises as well.

GOFLO® Speed Skaters

Essential Skills needed to perform exercise: Cardio, Balance, Speed , Coordination , Explosive power, Agility

Recommended for : Basketball, Football,Dance, Tennis, Ski, Soccer, Skating

The GOFLO Speed Skater is one of the best endurance athletes of all types. It focuses on developing isolateral leg strength, balance and stability while adding a high intensity element with an increase in velocity.

GOFLO® Jumping Jacks

Essential Skills needed to perform exercise: Cardio, Coordination ,Endurance

Recommended for : Basketball, Football, Soccer, Ski, Swimmers, Boot Camp, Running Trainings

GOFLO®Jumping jacks exercise is one of the most advanced forms of exercise.The added angle challenges your body to remain balanced as you jump.

It is good for exercising your arms and legs. Jumping jacks exercise requires coordination and stamina. Jumping jacks is a very important exercise to improve cardiovascular endurance.

GOFLO Frog Leaps

Main Muscle:Legs

GOFLO Frog Leaps are an intense form of exercise aimed at enhancing overall athletic performance.Using explosive movements and powerful muscular contractions, GOFLO plyometrics exercises involve an extensive array of leaping, jumping, hopping and bounding movements.With their low squats and intense jumps, plyometrics leap frog drills are an effective workout for the leg muscles.

GOFLO Jumping Lunges


GOFLO Jumping Lunges are a power and cardio exercise that primarily works the quads and glutes. The GOFLO Trainer reduces impact, increasing stability, and generally make this exercise more fun by using the GOFLO elastic resisitance while your on air.

GOFLO Reverse Lunge with Jump

Main Muscle:Legs

The GOFLO Reverse Lunge  is a single-leg strength exercise, suitable for all levels of training. This exercise targets the quads, hamstrings and glutes. The back lunge gets the gluteus maximus and hamstrings firing more compared to the regular lunge.


The advantage of the GOFLO trainer, is the strings that preferred for your arthritis because it's flexibile , and put less pressure on the joints.


Essential Skills needed to perform exercise: Aerobic, Speed , Coordination , Explosive power

Recommended for : Basketball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Running, Pilates Trainings

The GOFLO® Trainer running exercise is perfect for those who struggle running vertically due to knee and joint pain. Running on the GOFLO® take pressure off of the joints so you can experience the cardiovascular and metabolic benefits that are associated with running.

GOFLO Leg Adduction

Main Muscle: Legs

If you want your trip to the gym to be effective and efficient, it wouldn't be a bad idea to consider several alternatives to the hip abduction and adduction machine. If you're still stuck on isolation work, give GOFLO Leg adduction exercises a try. It have the same concept as the machine but incorporate a much more natural movement and allow you to move your legs through their full range of motion, strengthening the entirety of the muscles.


Main Muscle: Abdominals

The GOFLO plank is one of the best exercises you can do for your core because it builds isometric strength to help sculpt your waistline and improve your posture.

It is the single most important exercise to master because it applies to almost every physical thing you do.

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